For the best Movers in the DFW, Call Great White Movers

Thank you for visiting the website for Great White Moving Company in Fort Worth, TX. We are proud to have the best Fort Worth movers in Fort Worth and Dallas movers, Austin movers or anywhere state wide.

Great White Moving is committed to bringing the public a “Full-Service Moving Company with the best professional movers around. Our Movers that are employed with us are only interested in one thing: assisting you with the best movers for your moving services that you have ever had. We are fully insured and in great standing in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Next time you move in the Fort Worth or Dallas area, count on the fantastic and reasonable moving services of Great White Moving Company, local movers in Fort Worth, and Dallas, Texas. Contact us today to learn more about our moving company.

Reliable Local Movers

The biggest asset we have is the movers we have on staff. We select them to ensure your valuables will arrive safely and on time. Our goal at Great White Moving Company is for you to be 100% satisfied with our local movers when we are finished assisting you with:

  • Residential Moving Services
  • Office Moving Services
  • Apartment Movers
  • Local movers

Great Rates

As part of our terrific moving company, we charge you no hidden fees. Currently, our hourly rate is $100 and up for 2 professional movers. For 3 local movers, the hourly rate is $145. When you call us, we’ll see how we can save you money. Our minimum move price, usually 1 or 2 items moved a short distance, is $145 with the monthly 20% discount already included. Hourly rates subject to change. For accurate pricing call (972) 824-8581.

Contact us at (972) 824-8581 for free estimate from our local movers on moving company services for all your belongings.

One thought on “For the best Movers in the DFW, Call Great White Movers

  1. Nick says:

    Want to send post on how awesome these movers are. I thought we were in so much trouble when the crazy ice and snow arrived in fort worth. March we are used to cold but ice an snow is something that doesn’t happen, Of course we on the books of great white moving when it hit. The office manager called us and informed me that they could not get to me until the ice cleared up. She then explained the pro and cons of working on the ice and I total agreed that the liability on ice while trying to carry furniture was to dangerous and it was worth the liability of anyone getting hurt . They explained once it cleared up they would get to me. Of course I was concern when the second day of ice hit again. I was afraid my movers would cancel on me, But before I could call the lady with great white moving she informed me they had been following weather and would get to me the next day when it was safe to be on the roads again. I’m glad to see they were watching out for me. I tried during the ice storm to go to my new house I could not even park in the drive way since it had an inch of ice still on it. The movers informed me of what I could do to get it ready for us to drive on it. They explain they take every precaution when it comes to there customer furniture and there employees safety. The day of the move was finally here. weather was still really cold and windy but ice was gone. The movers called in route told us they we on the road . When they arrived they inspected the property to make sure there was no ice or slippery spot. I was so glad they showed up I had called several mover during the ice storm just incase my mover couldn’t come. Other moving companies had explained they had been cancelling there own moves due to ice and weren’t taking any new customers since they couldn’t cover the ones they had already. so I was very glad mine stood by our move and showed up. I was so surprised how great the movers did with everything we went thru to get moved it went very smoothly no damages and they moved everything and put it into the new places that I asked for it to go to, The crew never slowed down or complained about how cold it was. The crew was very helpful and made it go very smoothly. Thanks again to our movers Ben, Jon and Great White Movers

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